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How to become the Chief Executive of your company?
June 09, 2007

Hope you are well and enjoying life. Since my last Newsletter in May, so much have happened and loads of activities have taken place in my business:
  • Presented to BPH Bank in Poland.
  • A Keynote on Art of War for Sales in Holland.
  • Presented Art of War strategy in Greece.
  • Preparing a Sales training seminar for Betalco in Bahrain.
  • Advised in a couple of major UK negotiations.
  • Added many new articles to easy-strategy Web site.
  • Extensively developed my "pass-time" Website.

On how to become a "Chief Executive" articles, I thought to apply some of Sun Tzu strategies to this fascinating challenge and write it up in a series of articles. I already written four articles and there will be four more to come.

So here is the first link, please enjoy.

How to become the Chief Executive of Your Organisation? "Part One"

Part two, three and four are indeed posted at Easy Strategy Website Site Articles Page, So please go ahead and visit the site, not only for these four new articles but for much more.

Here are some of headlines of the new articles posted:

  • Strategic Thinking, the Missing Link to success.
  • What is Strategy and What is Strategic.
  • Fed up of Motivational Speeches?
  • Great Sun Tzu the Art of War Wisdom - On Disruptive Innovation.

Till next newsletter.. I wish you all the success in the world.

Osama El-kadi
Strategist and Motivational Speaker

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