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Negotiation Dialoge with a Phd Student from Harvard
April 07, 2008

It has been couple of months since I sent out a newsletter.

Apology for this. I have been travelling to Egypt, the Arabian Gulf and Greece, running some negotiation training courses and giving few keynote addresses at conferences over-there.

It seem that I am having more success or may be luck in the Arab world right now.

Well, here we are, back to my home in London, albeit, briefly. I would like to share with you a negotiation dialogue I had with a PhD student from Harvard as part of his study.

I hope you do like it and mind you, these answers will expand over time.

Please feel free to send me some more questions to answer if you like.

Here is the link:

Negotiation Dialogue with a PhD Student from Harvard

Please give your feed back and comments.

Kind regards

Osama El-Kadi

Osama El-Kadi
Negotiator & Motivational Speaker

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