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Here it is, The ABC of the Negotiation Game
November 13, 2007

Many of my friends and attendees at my negotiation presentations asked me about the "Golden Rules" of negotiation. Rules of the game generally differ from negotiation tactics and strategies in the sense that they are universal in application. Negotiation Tactics and Strategies change depending on the circumstances of the negotiation at hand.

I written this article; "The ABC of the Negotiation Game - the Three Golden Rules" to just answer this question.

In fact I liked this title so much that I decided to make it the name of my first book on negotiation. This book is being written right now.

Please give me your views or stories on this exciting subject to include it in my book, while of course giving you the credit for the story within the book. I think this would make it a great book when it shows other people stories too, not just mine.

Here it is:

The ABC of the Negotiation Game

Cannot wait for your feed back and your negotiation story.

Best regards

Osama El-Kadi

Osama El-Kadi
Strategist and Motivational Speaker

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