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July 15, 2008

Once again, apology for the delay in issuing this newsletter (not that you were dying for it... "smile"), but nevertheless am back once more from the Middle East and Greece ready to spend the summer here in the UK.

I am also preparing for a couple of conferences to present Easy Strategy Seminars® here in August.

During this time, I have done two more things:-

  • Registering Easy Strategy Seminars® and hence the ® sign.
  • Reorganising and re-presenting some of the articles in a more "friendly" way.

You may like to see Easy Strategy Seminars outline and some of the new articles here:

  • Easy Strategy Seminars®
  • The ABC of The Negotiation Game - The Three Golden Rules
  • Success Strategy
  • Can Strategic Thinking be This Simple?
  • Negotiation Strategy or Just Tactics: What do they Really Teach You?
  • Please give your feed back and comments.

    Best regards

    Osama El-Kadi

    Osama El-Kadi
    Strategist, Negotiator & Motivational Speaker

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